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Eye of Providence Seeds is a small group of medical growers and Master Gardeners.  We specialize in one strain, Quaze Haze.  All of our hybrids are based on the original Quaze Haze, which is like the standard flower version (not the bead shaped variety) of the Barney's Farm, Dr. Grinspoon.  Quaze Haze is an heirloom sativa with a mild citrus haze flavor and a highly clear and energizing effect. It's universally praised for having no ceiling and for a very gentle come down, leaving you right back in the same place you were before you got on the train. Quaze is also genetically predisposed to large foxtails on top of its fluffy buds, which add a complexity to trimming, but truly make it distinct like many of the old school sativas.

All of our hybrids are female, we only use in-house made, high ppm, colloidal silver to induce pollen production. The one cultivar that we've put the most work into is The Eye of Providence which is a 75% Quaze Haze and 25% Durban Poison (Sensi Seeds) cross. We put over 3 years into finding elite stable parents and inducing pollen in the Quaze mother.  We are currently selecting parents for an F5 generation and are breading for Quaze effects, with denser flowers, a bit richer flavor and most importantly a shorter flowering time.

We have also begun work on an auto flowering Quaze Haze which we are hoping to have an experimental version of by summer 2022. We are always looking for sponsors to help expedite this breading program.

Additionally we are busy crossing Quaze with many other predominantly sativa strains and have plans for more. All of the 50%/50% F1 hybrids are fairly experimental and we have only grown out about 4 plant of each, so we haven’t seen all the phenotypes yet. 


The other Quaze female hybrids we currently have are:

The Eye of Providence Prophecy - Quaze 50% x Durban Poison (Sensi Seeds) 50%

The Eye of Providence Surpassed - Quaze 87.5% x Durban Poison (Sensi Seeds) 12.5%

The Eye of Cthulhu- Quaze 75% x Durban Poison (Sensi Seeds) 12.5% x Cinderella 99 (B.Grimm) 12.5%)

The Eye of Cthulhu Prophecy - Quaze 50% x ( Durban Poison (Sensi Seeds) 25% x Cinderella 99 (B.Grimm) 25%)

The Eye of Baphomet - Quaze 75% x Harpo's Pitfall* 25%

The Eye of Baphomet Prophecy - Quaze 50% x Harpo's Pitfall* 50%

*(Harpo's Pitfall is Durban Poison (Sensi Seeds) 50% x Congo (Ace) 25% x S.A. Kwazulu (World of Seeds) 25%

The Crawling Eye -  Quaze 50% x Zamaldelica (Ace) 50%

The Third Eye - Quaze 50% x Sweet Seeds (Cream Caramel CBD) 50%

The Hypnotic Eye - Quaze 50% x OG Lemon Candy (Philosopher Seeds) 50%

The Electric Eye - Quaze 50% x Malawi (Ace) 50%

The Flying Eye of Von Dutch - Quaze 50% X Pamplemousse (BC Bud Depot) 50%

Quaze Haze - Original heirloom Sativa



You will notice that all of our hybrids are not in our main strain listing. We are slowly working on getting photos and generally building our presence. Please feel free to contact us regarding any of them and we can work something out.