Eye of Providence Seeds

Focused on perfection

The Eye of Providence is our first and best strain. It's a 75% perfect Quaze Haze crossed with 25% Elite Durban Poison from our friends at Sensi Seeds. It has a lemony, citrus Haze flavor. The Durban Poison has added a richer flavor, thicker flowers and a shorter flowering time (around 90 days if you light it for 10 hours in the second half of flowering). The effect is very clear, focused and energetic with nearly no ceiling, and when it wears off you're right back to normal with no sluggish need for a nap. We like to tell folks that it gives you the power of Divine Sight, the ability to teleport objects and people, telepathy and it will increase your skill at divining water with a single chopstick, but effects do vary.










We would like to thank

Providence based artist,

and reader of

the Necronomicon, 

Hieronymus Barbosa,

who loaned us

his painting

"Westminster 3:00AM"

as a background.